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Packers & Movers Services

Packers & Movers is the crown of services provided by "Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services". The team is boost by years of experience behind its services. The staffs as well as laborers assisting are using 'advanced tools, modern technology, skilled, and trained' in relocation. Our experience team, knowledge of industry, skilled man power, & expertise helps us to customize any solution required by you. The delivery always remains safe & intact amidst 'logistic support, customized relocation, & innovative packaging'. Also, we provide best loading & unloading crew.

So, hire us & be relaxed!

Relocation Services

Relocation is all about transfer of goods, home stuff or corporate shifting. "Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services" is the most preferred corporate partner & is considered best for assisting business or personal household relocation. We have the best team to plan the relocation for varied reasons & orientation. All our relocation services are personalized assistance and are trusted for our well equipped team. Our team knows the secret of successful relocation and possesses the necessary expertise.

  • Our team experts will visit your relocation site and develop the plan
  • The plan is taken into consideration by evaluating the floor
  • All plans are detailed according to 'schedule, execution summary, & mode of operation'
  • Our budget is personalized on survey of relocation
  • All our relocation services are customized and business assisting

So, have no worry, we can also opt for custom clearance & insurance coverage if required…

Car Transport Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' is the most trusted car transport services provider. The car fleet and transportation is available across India. The car relocation services cover all diverse part of India. The 'USP' of services is its 'reliability, safety, intact delivery, and guarantee of negligible damage'. Car transport services by is admired as it's based on 'affordability, cost efficiency, and customized services' to suit clients' preferences. Our fleet is managed by 'skilled professionals, educated supervisors, well trained drivers, and trained laborers'. The trained crew will ensure that you have peace of mind and we complete the transportation process.

So, for any information and transportation services by car hire our experts…

Household Shifting Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' is known for its household shifting services. We don't praise ourselves but our clients' are full of admiration for us in the testimonials. They give us five stars rating for damage free shifting of home accessories, furniture, fragile house wares, expensive house decors, and electronic goods. The shifting can be guaranteed to be worry free and intact as it's backed by 'professionals, experienced fleet supervisor, experienced operational manager, skilled laborers, and superior quality packaging'. So, do, household shifting with professionals and have no second thought for your packaging, shifting, or setting.

Hire, we and we do it for you!

Office Shifting Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' understand the importance of orderly shifting of an office. Office shifting services is different from residence shifting; and needs expert assistance. So, we are always ready to assist corporate, mid scale offices, government systems, and small private sectors. We know the importance of data, documents, and other confidential files or papers. The team has been trained to shift the office not only in orderly state, but also without loss of any important office materials. As empathy is the nature of our company; and we can empathize that any loss of office files or information can lead to huge damage.

Our Process

  • The office shifting is a planned execution of systems
  • Everything is planned in advance and the briefing is provided to the client
  • We ensure damage free transition
  • The shifting material is highly durable, superior quality, and packaging is done with precautionary measures
  • The question of loss or misplacement, thus don't arise
  • Our office shifting is boost by relocation specialist, closed containers, dedicated team, and expert loading & unloading crew

So, hire us to make your office shift with precision and intact transit…

Loading and Unloading Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' is master of loading & unloading services; they have complete idea about the risk as well as chances of damage a shifting possess. So, loading and unloading is a systematic methodology at our organization.

Our Organized Methodology:

  • Proven Method to load & unload
  • Laborers are well skilled & trained to understand the significance of each packaging
  • Professional man management team
  • Durable & quality enhanced packaging materials
  • Robust transportation facilities

These 5 qualities make us the most preferred loading & unloading services provider in the industry. All our methodology is based on professionalism, set parameters, and expertise to avoid any damage.

So, keep your goods delivered intact with us…

Warehousing Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' knows the importance of warehousing services; and assist business to overcome the critical phase by providing warehousing needs. The warehousing services are admired for its 'location, advanced tools, processes, and secured system'. All our solution is professional, customized, and cost efficient.

Our warehousing services are based on:

  • Complete Management of Inventory
  • Both inbound and outbound is processed
  • All other aspect like 'bar-coding, labeling, packaging, re-packaging, and quality assurance is maintained
  • Control of yard management is also considered
  • Also provide 'Vendor / Carrier' performance

So, hiring warehousing services from us means satisfaction guaranteed…

Warehousing and Insurance Services

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' knows the significant relation between warehousing as a necessity for supply chain and insurance to cover the risks the inventory management possess. We assist business in intact storage, on time delivery, and reduced asset management costs. All our storage options are flexible in nature, equipped with space to manage bulk cargo, and excellent warehousing facilities. The spacious warehouses, guaranteed of intact storage, and negligible damage gives us an edge in our industry.

We not only provide warehousing but also warehousing and insurance services. We understand how risky the transition of relocation or shifting can be. The storage can be devastated by fire, theft, robbery, or the goods in transition may lead to sinking of ship, road accident, or aircraft crash. So, to ensure that all the storage not only remains intact but also have provision for compensation in case of loss we recommend clients' to opt for warehousing and insurance services.

So, not only store goods but also keep them secure from damage…

Domestic relocation

'Maha Lakshmi Relocation Services' is admired for its domestic relocation; and clients' beloved the company for its economical services. Domestic Relocation is available throughout the country, and can be relocated to any cities or country. We have the necessary expertise to work and relocate in short span of time. So, we can do it anywhere and shift it without bothering you; just we need is the address of relocation. So, our personalized domestic relocation service will meet all your demands. So, hire us to get rid of 'Urban Travails' and don't worry that you have to do it all alone.

Just call us and we are there for you to assist!